A Conservative Record of Success

As a freshman in the Arizona House of Representatives I was appointed to serve as the Chairman of the Government Committee. I then served as Chairman of the Elections Committee followed by the Ways and Means Committee. During that same time, I also served for eight years on the House Appropriations Committee. Upon election to the Arizona Senate, I was appointed to serve as Chairman of the Commerce Committee for two years and currently serve as Chairman of the Government Committee while also serving on the Finance, Commerce and Appropriations Committees.

During my tenure, I have successfully led efforts to pass reforms that address healthcare, business regulations, the tax code, balancing the state’s budget and defending the integrity and security of our elections. My primary focus and purpose while at the legislature has been to be a voice for the voter whether it is by fighting to keep our economy and schools open during the pandemic, banning child marriage, removing government barriers to people entering the workforce, increasing public representation on licensing boards, repealing the unpopular $32 vehicle license tax, strengthening identification requirements to vote early in person or banning the practice of ballot harvesting.

My record has earned me a reputation for challenging the status quo and not accepting the way thing have always been done by being a reinvigorating voice and approach for conservative causes. Now more than ever, we need a decisive leader with a proven record of getting results, and I am that leader.

HB 2826 (consolidated election dates; political subdivisions) LEARN MORE

HB 2649 (campaign finance; political committee; definition) LEARN MORE

HB 2023 (delivery; early ballots; limitation)

SB 1090 (emergency voting procedures; board action) 

SB1072 (early voting centers; identification required)

SB1054 (early ballots; deficiencies; cure period)

SB1002 (early voting envelopes; party affiliation)

SB 1003 (early voting; signature required; notice)

SB1432 (political signs; removal date)

SB1485 (early voting list; eligibility)

SB 1497 (ballot measure; proposition 105; disclosure)