Why I am Running for Secretary of State

Other than running for public office, I have always recognized the most direct way for anyone to impact the government they live under is to vote for the people making the decisions that govern our lives. Tantamount to the act of voting is the process that ensures those elections occur in a fair, honest, secure and accessible manner and that every vote counts. Since my first term, I have championed several reforms to promote the integrity of our elections by banning the practice of ballot harvesting, consolidating election dates, strengthening our voter ID laws and cleaning up our vote by mail rolls. I also was the first to hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors responsible by bringing public attention to a hidden agreement last updated in the 1980’s that delegated much of the Boards election responsibilities and duties to the County Recorder, and I convened a special hearing of my Elections Committee to investigate the complete failure of county election officials during the 2016 Presidential Primary Election debacle.

Now, more than ever before, it is obvious the office of Secretary of State should set the standards and expectations for the administration of our elections. With some counties running elections through the Board of Supervisors directly and other counties partnering with their county recorders it is imperative that consistency and continuity be established on a statewide basis. In 2021, and with all of the resources directed toward elections, it is inexcusable there is not one unified voting system utilized across the state. This lack of vision and direction can only be attributed to a history of the job being viewed as a stepping stone to higher office with a maintain the status quo mentality.

I have a proven record of partnering with my constituents and translating their ideas and concerns into law. Building on those successes, my vision for the office is to be a shining light on the counties adherence to election policies and procedures, defend the state against the intrusive and overreaching acts of the federal government (such as H.R. 1 For the People Act), modernize and provide uniformity of election systems and equipment, ensure our system is not exploited to facilitate a particular outcome, harness all of its powers and resources to combat fraud, and increase participation in our elections.

Despite the vitriolic and doomsday scare tactics the public has been inundated with, I am optimistic I will be able to restore people’s faith in the administration of our elections by continuing to put their voice first in the execution of my duties. I humbly ask that you support my candidacy for the Office of Secretary of State by voting for me on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.